Notice of Race


The Organising Authority is the Devonport Yacht Club Inc (DYC)
PO Box 32 036, Devonport, 0744;
Phone 445 0048

1      RULES

1.1   The General Sailing Instructions 2018/2019 (the “General Instructions”) apply for the Cruising Series.

1.2    Extras may not be set in this series. See General Instructions section 3.

1.3    Dinghies must be towed or carried in all races. See General Instructions section 4.


2.1    Individual races are “open” to financial members of any Yacht Club or other organisation affiliated to YNZ for boats registered with YNZ:

          Entry Fee:    DYC Members $ 20.00    Non Members $ 25.00

2.2    Series entries and season entries are restricted to DYC members:

         Cruising Series Entry Fee: $100.00

         Season Entry: All DYC Races: $130.00

2.3    Entries shall be on the official DYC entry form and must be accompanied by the appropriate entry fee. Entries should ideally be received by 1700 hrs on the day prior to the start of a race. Late entries will be accepted by the starter, for individual races only, up until 30 minutes prior to the start. Payment must be made either to the starter or to the Officer of the Day not later than 30 minutes after completion of the race.


3.1   Cruising series races will be sailed in two divisions:
Boats will be assigned a division based on the TCF given by the Club handicapper

        A Division Boats with a higher assessed TCF:  Orange Flag

        B Division Boats with a lower assessed TCF:   Green Flag

3.2   Starting sequence - B Division will start 5 minutes after A Division in this series.

3.3   Entrants may indicate their preferred division on the entry form for the Cruising Series . It is, however, the intent of the Sailing Committee that the two divisions be roughly equal in size. Accordingly the Committee reserves the right, if necessary, to allocate a boat to a division other than that requested for that season.

3.4    Woollacott Series. Woollacott design boats will compete in B Division. Races, 2, 7, 15, 18 will also be scored for the Marco Polo Trophy.


Race   Date   Destination First Start
2 Saturday  3rd November 2018 Waikalabubu 1000hrs
5 Saturday  8th December 2018 Awaawaroa 1000hrs
6 Sunday 9th December 2018 Home Again to Devonport 1000hrs
7 Friday 25th January 2019 Mahurangi  Night Race 1510/1800hrs
8 Sunday 27th January 2019 Round the Islands Mahurangi 1000hrs
10 Sunday 3rd February 2019 Round the Island Ponui 1000hrs
12 Sunday  17th February  2019 Owhanake to Devonport 1300hrs
15 Saturday 23rd March 2019 Rocky Bay 1000hrs
16 Saturday 6th April 2019 Woody Bay 1000hrs
18 Friday 19th April 2019 Easter Cruise Kawau 1000hrs
19 Saturday 20th April 2019 Mahurangi 1000hrs



5.1    If it is determined, prior to the start, that sailing the full course is likely to be impractical then a shortened course may be ordered.. All boats will sail directly to the designated finish line. This is in addition to General Sailing Instruction 14.4 for this series only.

5.2    Flag S will be displayed at the Clubhouse or start boat prior to the first warning signal.


6.1    Time Limits are specified in individual race instructions.

6.2    If one boat finishes within the time limit then the time limit for that division will be extended by 30 minutes.

7      SCORING

7.1    Low Points Scoring System in YNZ Rules Appendices A4 and A9 shall apply.

7.2    5 Races must have been started to constitute a series.

7.3    A boat must start in at least 6 races to qualify for series points

7.4    No score shall be excluded until a boat has started in 7 races. Series points shall be the sum of a boat’s best 7 scores.

8       PRIZES

8.1     Prizes will be presented ashore for 1st, 2nd and 3rd on handicap in each Division. Three boats must start for a 2nd prize and five for 3rd prize; skippers must be present to receive the prize.


9.1    Race trophies for each race are shown in individual Sailing Instructions.  Series Trophies will be awarded as follows:

Cruising Series Points  A Division Gloaming Cup
Cruising Series Points  B Division Shore Sails Cup
Cruising Series Line A Division Driftwood Trophy
Cruising Series Line B Division Rigging Screw Trophy
Anniversary Weekend Aggregate Points Including the
Anniversary Day Passage Race :   Littler Trophy


9.2    Only DYC members will be eligible for trophies in this series.