General Sailing Instructions 2018/2019

The Orgainsing Authority is the Devonport Yacht Club Inc (DYC)

1      Rules

1.1    Racing will be governed by the Yachting New Zealand Racing Rules of Sailing and Safety Regulations of Sailing 2017 - 2020 (YNZ Rules).

1.2    Maritime Rules Part 22, Collision Prevention, apply at all times except that YNZ Rules, Part 2 apply between vessels racing between Sunrise and Sunset.

1.3    Maritime Rules Part 91, Navigation Safety Rules, and any Harbour Master's Directions apply at all times.

1.4    Any contact made, however minor, with any navigational mark, shall be reported to the Sailing Committee by that yacht or any other yacht witnessing the incident.

2 Safety

2.1    The Skipper of any boat must assess the capability and safety of his boat in prevailing or expected conditions.  It is the sole responsibility of the Skipper to decide to sail or continue in any race organised by the DYC.

2.2    YNZ Safety Regulations Part II Category 4 shall apply. Any additional requirements will be stated in individual Notices of Race

2.3    If any yacht does not comply fully with the specified safety requirements herein, or in the applicable Notice of Race, that yacht shall be submitted, not later than 24 hours before the commencement of the race, to the club safety officer, who is authorised give an appropriate dispensation at his discretion.

2.4    Signing the DYC Entry Form is tantamount to declaring that the yacht entered complies with all safety requirements.

2.5    The Sailing Committee will arrange spot checks from time to time, at its discretion, to ensure compliance with safety requirements

2.6    Yachts shall display sail numbers in accordance with YNZ Appendix G 1 (c).

2.7    A boat that retires from a race shall immediately notify Race Control on the designated VHF Channel or by any other available means.

2.8    A yacht may use any means of propulsion if essential to:

  • assist a person or vessel in danger.
  • avoid impeding the passage of any Large Vessel* (By-Law 3.13) *
  • avoid entering the Moving Prohibited Zone** around a large vessel in the shipping channel shown as a restricted area on chart NZ 5322. (and on our centerfold chart). (By-Law 3.14) **
  • avoid collision with a vessel not racing.

Any yacht so doing who restarts in a race must do so in such a position that no advantage is derived from having used its motor.

* A Large Vessel is defined as any vessel of 500 gross tonnage or greater, or any vessel of 40 metres length overall or greater.
** The Moving Prohibited Zone extends100m astern and 100m to each side of a vessel, and continues at that width to 500m ahead.

2.9    Yachts racing shall carry a serviceable marine VHF transceiver and listen on the race control channel at all times when racing. Unless advised otherwise Race Control will bebe vested in the starter at the DYC or starting boat from 1 hour prior to the first warning signal until all boats are well clear of the start line. Thereafter, if applicable, it is vested in the Finish Boat. The change of race control will be broadcast on Channel 77 by the starter after which all boats shall copy Channel 62.:
It is recommended that:

  • Dual watch be used to watch Channel 16 in addition to the above channels.
  • A cellphone be carried in a zip lock bag and switched on at all times.

3      Extras

3.1   Extras are defined as sails not normally used to advantage to windward.

3.2    Certain events or divisions are designated "No Extras". In these extras may not be set. Headsails may be boomed out using spinnaker poles but shall be carried on a permanent load bearing forestay with only one headsail per forestay.

4      Dingies

4.1    For purposes of these instructions a dinghy is defined as a rigid dinghy, inflated inflatable or a liferaft of sufficient buoyancy to support all the crew.

4.2    Dinghies must be towed or carried in all races unless the applicable Notice of Race specifies otherwise.

4.3    Entrants for races where dinghies are specified shall tow or carry the same dinghy throughout the event or series. A boat that changes dinghy or mode shall so advise the Sailing Committee as if this were an "alteration" under 17.4.

5      Notices and Changes to Instructions

5.1    Notices to Competitors or Changes to Notices of Race or Sailing Instructions will be posted on the Club notice board and on the Club website not later than 1200hrs on the day before they will take effect.

5.2    It is the responsibility of the Skipper to ensure he/she is aware of any notices or changes prior to the start of a race.

6      Sailing Committee

6.1    The Sailing Committee shall nominate from within its members an Officer of the Day for each race day to act on its behalf in all matters.

7      Signals Made Ashore

7.1    Starting, recall and alternative course signals made ashore at the DYC will be made by wooden replicas of the approved flags displayed on the Clubhouse verandah. Other approved flag signals may be made from the Flagpole.

8       Divison Flags 

8.1    The appropriate divisional flag, minimum size 20 x 20 cm, shall be flown at least 2 metres above the deck line from the backstay of yachts whilst racing. Yachts without a backstay shall fly the flag from the Starboard shrouds.

9       Racing Area

9.1    The racing area is within the Waitemata Harbour and Hauraki Gulf. Race course limits and required safe passage past obstructions and the Harbour Bridge whilst racing are defined in Rules 11.2 , 13.1 and 13.2.

10     Prior to the Start


Abandonment: Flag N over A + 3 Sounds.   (YNZ Rule 27.3)             



Abandonment will be decided by the sailing committee as early as possible on the day of the race - usually by 0730hrs - but not later than the warning signal and will be final - i.e. "no more racing today". An advisory message will be recorded on the Clubhouse answerphone.  Any re-sail will be advised separately with and amendment to the Sailing Instuctions posted in the Clubhouse and on this web site. The re-sail will be rescheduled at the discretion of the Sailing Comitteeto the Spare Day as noted in the Sailing Programme.


Postponement: Answer Pennant + 2 sounds (YNZ Rule 27.3)  Hauled down at the warning signal.


Postponements will be signaled prior to the first warning signal.  When a decision is taken to start races will be started at an even 30 minutes from the original scheduled time.   Races that are postponed under Rule 10.2 that sre not able to be started on the scheduled day as noted in thye Sailing Programme may, at the descretion of the sailing Committee, be rescheduled to the Spare Day as designated in the Sailing Programme.


Alternative Course: Flag O


The adoption of an alternative course will be signaled prior to the first warning sign

 11      The Start

11.1    All races will be started in accordance with YNZ rule 26, shown diagrammatically below, with the warning signal given 5 minutes before the starting signal.




1 Minute


Minutes to Start





Visual Signal

Division Flag

Flag P


Flag P Removed

Division Flag Removed

Sound Signal

1 Sound

1 Sound

1 Long Sound

1 Sound





Engine Shut Off at the Preparatory Signal

11.2    Unless otherwise specified in the Notice of Race or individual sailing instructions the start line will be a line between the Flagstaff at the DYC and "Torpedo" yellow buoy, but limited inshore by the outer line of all moored vessels and moorings between Torpedo Bay and Devonport wharves.

11.3    Boats whose warning signal has not been made shall keep clear of the starting area after the first warning signal. The starting area is shown on the diagram below.

11.4    Late Starters: Any boat which expects to start later than 15 minutes after its starting signal:

  • Must inform the starter by telephone or VHF of the intention to start.
  • May use the motor after the Preparatory signal under the provisions of 12.3 b. & c. below

12        Recalls


Individual Recall:   Flag X + 1 sound:   (YNZ Rule 29.1)


A boat on the course side of the start line at the start:


General Recall:   First Substitute + 2 sounds:   (YNZ Rule 29.2)


If the starter determines a General Recall:

  1. The recalled division will be restarted 15 minutes after the last scheduled start.
  2. If more than one division is recalled these divisions will be restarted at 15 minute intervals after the last scheduled start in the sequence in which they were recalled.

12.3  All recalled boats or divisions:

  • Shall return to the pre-start side by passing outside the seaward of the end of the start line and shall not interfere with yachts starting or who have already started. This reinforces YNZ Rule 30.1
  • May, if starting in an easterly direction, motor in a westerly direction, keeping clear of all other boats racing, to a point due South of the cable marker at the end of May Street and restart with engine off.
  • May, if starting in a westerly direction, motor in an easterly direction, keeping clear of all other boats racing, to a point due South of the Torpedo Bay Wharf and restart with engine off.

12.4    VHF Channel 77 may be used to advise premature starters. This does not absolve competitors of responsibility to respond to flag signals displayed.

13       Fairway Marks

13.1    The following are deemed to be obstructions and shall be passed on the main channel side only:

  • Rangitoto Beacon
  • Iliomama Beacon
  • Browns Island Beacon
  • Beacon on Sewer Outlet (Orakei)
  • Doris Rock Port Hand Beacon (approx 25m north of Bean Rock)
  • Emu Rock South Cardinal Beacon
  • Red Port Hand Buoys on eastern side of Motuihe Channel
  • Cable beacons east of Devonport Wharf
  • Green Starboard Hand Beacon SW of Torpedo Bay Wharf.
  • The outer line of all moored vessels and moorings between Torpedo Bay wharf and Devonport wharf
  • The outer line of all moored vessels and moorings in or adjacent to all Small Craft mooring areas shown on Chart NZ 5322.

13.2    Yachts shall only pass through the main navigation span of the Harbour Bridge when racing.

14       The Finish

14.1    Unless otherwise stated in the Notice of Race or individual Sailing Instructions the finish line is between Torpedo buoy and the flagstaff at DYC.

14.2    If the finish line is not manned or there is no finish boat on station:·

  • The first boat to finish shall take her own time, and, if possible, anchor and act as finish boat.

or, as circumstances dictate;

  • all boats shall take their own finish time and advise the Officer of the Day.


14.3 After finishing, boats shall not re-cross or pass back through the finishing line

14.4 Shortened Course: Flag S + 2 sounds (YNZ Rule 32.2 (a))


If Flag S + a DYC burgee is displayed:



Either on a Committee boat stationed at a mark


Or on the DYC flagstaff when Torpedo yellow buoy is a mark


the finish line will be between the flag and that mark (See also alternative shortened course provisions for Cruising Series - Notice of Race s.5).

15       Penalty System

15.1    A boat that has taken a penalty or retired under rule 31 or rule 44.1 shall advise the Sailing Committee in writing within the protest time.

16       Protests and Request for Redress

16.1    Protests shall be lodged with the Officer of the Day in writing on the approved YNZ Protest Form within two hours of the last boat finishing. 

16.2    For protests where a rule of YNZ Part 2 is alleged to have been broken, an arbitration hearing will be offered, but is not mandatory, prior to any formal hearing. YNZ Regulation 4.5.5 and 44.3(c) apply.

16.3    Competitors involved in protests will be informed by either phone, e-mail or fax of the time when the hearings will take place.

17       Handicaps

17.1    Initial TCFs (Time Correction Factors) will be set for each boat at the beginning of the season or on entry to the racing programme. TCFs will be allocated:

  • a. Without Extras
  • b. With Extras

17.2    Only initial TCFs may be queried in writing to the Sailing Committee.

17.3    TCFs, in the appropriate category, will be adjusted progressively through the season according to a boat's race results using a formula approved by the Sailing Committee.

17.4    Any alterations to the hull, sails, sail plan, spars, engine, propeller, rudder or ballast or any other factor likely to alter the boats performance, shall be notified in writing to the Sailing Committee who may, at its sole discretion, alter the vessel's TCF to reflect the alteration. Failure to do so may render the boat liable to disqualification from all races concerned.

18       Scoring

18.1    The Low Point scoring system of YNZ Appendix A4 and A9 shall apply.

18.2    The Notice of Race for series events shall identify how many races will be needed to constitute a series and how many will be counted.

19       Disclaimer

19.1    All those taking part in DYC races or any other sailing events controlled by the DYC, do so at their own risk and the DYC has no responsibility nor liability for any damage, loss or penalty suffered by any boat, crew or any other person taking part in such races or events.

19.2    The DYC is not responsible for the sea-worthiness of a boat whose entry is accepted nor for the sufficiency and/or adequacy of its equipment nor the competence of its skipper or crew.

19.3    The DYC reserves the right in its sole and uncontrolled discretion to refuse any entry.