Club newsletters are published every month, except January, usually in the first week of the month.

Events or general notifications of a more urgent nature can always be circulated by email.

The newsletter has been traditionally distriubuted by post as a hard copy, but more and more members are electing to get their newsletter by email.   Hard copy distribution comes at a cost and in due course, email notification will become the normal method.

At the January 2016 Comittee meeting it was decided to phase out hard copy posted Newsletters.   The March 2016 Newsletter will be the last one received by post if you have an email address registered with the Club.   This will also be the last hard copy to go to those that don't have an email address.   From April 2016 there will be no hard copy posted out.   There will only be a email notification that the Newsletter has been posted on the web site and where to find it.  This has the following advantages:

  • It will save the Club the cost of photocopying and postage.
  • It dramatically reduces the file size of the email. 
  • Recipients can choose when and in what environment they choose to download and view it. (Some issues could be quite large in file size if there are a lot of images)


We are always looking for contributions for the newsletter.   Contributions should be in a text file (ideally MS Word, rtf file or Notepad).   Images, photos should be in jpg format of at least 500kb in file size.   Smaller file sizes may not be suitable for publication.

Accounts of Club and social events, recent voyages, boat modifications, trips away or adventures extraorinare are always welcome.

Please email your contributions to   Just a reminder that the Deadline for contributions is the 27th of each month.   If not provided by the deadline, or if space in the current issue is limited, the contribution will be held over to the following issue. 

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